Cecil & Campbell Advisors Weekly Comps

OCT 14-20

Cecil & Campbell Advisors Weekly Comps

OCT 14-20



Large client database

We have a 25+-year-old database of partners.

Email campaigns

With a simple click, your property will reach over 15,000 motivated buyers across the country.

Text message campaigns

Text messages have an open rate of 98%! We’ve learned that texting is more reliable than email. Texting is pre-built on mobile phones and unlike email is available even without wifi connection.

Google and Facebook Paid Advertising

In today’s market, 93% of Buyers find properties on the internet.


No additional fees.

Virtual Tours 3D Walkthroughs

When a prospective partner has the choice to look at a virtual tour of a commercial real estate property, they’re able to view more properties faster, until they’ve whittled their options down to the final few. Not only does this save time and travel expenses, but it’s also increases the chance buyer will close escrow on the property.

3D Scanning for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Expedite your design/build workflow with Cecil & Campbell. We scan your commercial real estate property and create a 3D model which you can easily export into your favorite software.

3D Floor Plans

Expedite your design/build workflow with Cecil & Campbell. We scan your commercial real estate property and create a 3D model which you can easily export into your favorite software.

3 Approaches To Appraise Commercial Real Estate

Whether you’re buying or selling commercial real estate property, it’s vital to be very clear on its value. Value is defined as the most feasible price the property could reasonably earn in an active, open, and competitive market when the transaction is approached fairly and knowledgeably by both buyer and seller.

3 Types of Listings Used to Secure a Buyer for a Property.

In Commercial Real Estate, there are three types of real estate listings used to secure a buyer for a property. An Exclusive Right to Sell, an Exclusive Agency Listing, and an Open Listing. In an Exclusive Right to Sell, a single broker or agent is hired to handle the...

What are Pass-Through Expenses?

 Understanding Pass-Through Expenses. Pass-through expenses is one of the most common questions we get in Commercial Real Estate, and it’s a topic that many tenants don’t approach until they under a lease agreement and have received an unexpected bill from their...

Investment Profiles: Core, Core Plus, Value-Add & Opportunistic

 Understanding Investment Profiles.  If you’ve been around the Commercial Real Estate world for a while, you’ve probably picked up on hearing phrases like Core or Value-Add to describe a type of investment product. Below, we will help define what categories are used...

Atlanta Investments: Get Familiar with Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zone Investing Opportunity Zones are not a new thing to states and local communities; however, as part of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the Federal government designated certain geographical areas as Qualified Opportunity Zones or QOZs.  These areas are...

5 Factors You Need to Know: Office Space Reno or Relo?

You’re not alone. If you’re like most people, you hate moving. It’s a task no one looks forward to, but sometimes it’s just necessary. Other times, a relocation can be avoided simply by renovating your current space.  In commercial real estate, this is a scenario that...

Dictum Factum: Generating Results & Trust

You care about results. Whether you’re an investor, a landlord, a tenant or owner/occupier - how important are RESULTS to you? How about TRUST? In most business transactions, results and trust are ranked higher in importance than just the bottom line.  While not...

Nathan LeSueur Brings Some Serious IT Game.

IT Mastermind, Movie Quote Extraordinaire, All Around Super Nice Guy: PICK THREE. We scoured the globe looking for only the best in Information Technology, and he was right here all along. Join us in our excitement as we welcome Nathan LeSueur to the Cecil & Campbell...

Why Business Leaders Need a Tenant Rep

What to Know. Before facing the process of buying or leasing office space, business owners should be familiar with Tenant Representation and how it can benefit their operation. In commercial real estate, a Tenant Rep broker is the equivalent to a buyer’s agent –...

Matt McConville Joins CCA Tenant Advisory Team

Matt McConville has joined the Cecil & Campbell Advisors team and will be working in Tenant Advisory services and Investments. Matt brings with him years of experience in the real estate world, having spent time working in both the hospitality real estate industry,...
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