IT Mastermind, Movie Quote Extraordinaire, All Around Super Nice Guy: PICK THREE.

We scoured the globe looking for only the best in Information Technology, and he was right here all along. Join us in our excitement as we welcome Nathan LeSueur to the Cecil & Campbell team as our resident IT Genius.

Nathan grew up in Marietta, lives in Atlanta with his wife and two kids, and understands computers and IT better than anyone.


In fact, Nathan grew up working with computers. After watching WAR GAMES as a child, he became hooked on the idea of communicating with computers. He even ran his first BBS (“bulletin board system” for you non-computer people) from his bedroom in middle school. And he would eventually grow this passion into a career that took him to some pretty big companies (BellSouth, AT&T, Cox, and Akamai).

To sum it up, we can’t tell you exactly what it is Nathan does, but we can say its impressive. Working with our tech platforms, Nathan’s expertise is driving the development of our own custom technology.

Keep on the lookout for some of the amazing ways Nathan will be working with us, as he’ll be helping to better serve our growing network of clients.

Read Nathan’s full bio here.