You care about results.

Whether you’re an investor, a landlord, a tenant or owner/occupier – how important are RESULTS to you? How about TRUST? In most business transactions, results and trust are ranked higher in importance than just the bottom line.  While not forgetting the importance of a great deal, our practice is built around the concept of a phrase we are committed to: Dictum Factum. Don’t know yet what it means? We want to be the ones to show you.

Say What We’ll Do and Do What We’ve Said.

Dictum Factum is a Latin term that translated means: What is Said is Done.

It’s a simple yet important concept – especially in the world of commercial real estate. In our industry, volume, sales, and transactions are important. It drives many brokers to seek any and all business at a rapid pace – dropping performance and client results along the way. Seeing this happen time and again in our industry, we’ve built something different. Focusing on the commitment to always deliver on our promises, and keep an honest and trusting relationship with our clients based on delivering results.

We Built it This Way.

At Cecil & Campbell, we bring years of commercial real estate experience to the table. And with that experience comes our practical view that in the commercial real estate industry, many brokers over-promise and under-deliver. Other firms will center their focus on high quantities of brokers and deals, leaving the client lost in the mix and struggling to have their needs prioritized. We realize our careers and companies future is a marathon, not a sprint, so in our client relationships, we begin all transactions with honest communication about what our client’s realistic expectations and results should be, never minding what will be most profitable for us. We put the client first and focus on their goals and what is best for them, rather than what will yield the  profit for ourselves. Since we are always interviewing for your next deal, we never lose focus on this basic concept and we believe it should be more common in our and all industries.

We’ve built our entire office and team structure around the concept. We are able to deliver on our promises better based on this model. What we do differently in our model is concentrating on specialization and keeping it lean. We employ a small team centered on a focused and personal relationship with our clients. Any outside brokers that we team with are thoroughly vetted to ensure that these values are continually met. Each member of our team has specific strengths amplified by our proprietary platform. While other brokerage firms have large numbers of agents competing against each another, and present with a “bigger is better” front, we know this ultimately causes a breakdown in communication and internal conflict of interest.

Leaner and stronger partnerships.

Through our smaller, collaborative, and focused team, we PARTNER with our clients. We create an atmosphere where communication and client interest thrive. And we deliver on our promises and keep our client and their results at the center of every action.

Dictum Factum: what is said is done. And in working with our firm, you can be assured that what we say we will do, will be done for you. YOUR OFFICE IS OUR JOB.