Cecil & Campbell Advisors is a real estate advisory firm specializing in investments, acquisition, disposition, and tenant representation of commercial space throughout metro Atlanta. With two decades of experience through the highs and lulls of the real estate market, we know what it takes to understand our Partners’ special requirements for long-term success.

Applying an objective view while providing a variety of beneficial options in order for our Partners to make educated decisions is a must. We understand the importance of long-term relationships, not short-term gains, which is why we have continued Partner relationships into their third, fourth and fifth real estate transaction.

The real estate market is a living breathing ecosystem that requires constant focus to acutely recognize opportunities as they arise. Constant contact with our Partners and understanding market fluctuations, assures you will be confident with the result of your real estate decisions.


“Dictum Factum” is a Latin phrase meaning, “what is said is done.”

We believe many real estate brokers overpromise and underdeliver. We do neither. We provide candid advice and transparent feedback. When we Partner with you, we follow through with diligent research and communication specific to your needs and goals. Our philosophy coupled with an intense work ethic, makes Cecil & Campbell’s reputation unmatched throughout Atlanta.

Because we see ourselves as your Partner and your in-house real estate department, knowing your future vision and mission is important. We compare your operations, present and future, so you have a real estate strategy in place at every turn.


We strive to create more value than any other commercial real estate company in the country.

We are a boutique real estate company. Nevertheless, we have the same resources as our multi-billion-dollar competitors. You will be confident in our Partnership and our services to you; our overhead is significantly lower, we consistently invest in additional resources, as well as continuous education of our staff.

Each member of our team has specific strengths amplified by our proprietary platform. Many brokerage firms have large numbers of agents competing against each another. We believe that while this gives a “bigger is better” front, it causes a breakdown in communication and creates internal conflict of interest.

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